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6 Gifts That Any Football Fan Would Absolutely Love

Posted on November 12, 2019 by Laxman Balagani

Choosing the perfect gift for an avid football fan is easier than you think. And no, you do not always have to stick to getting him a replica of the world cup. There are so many gift ideas that you can consider for that diehard football lover you know. You can get him the jersey of his favorite team or buy chairs online for him to relax and watch the game. Here are the top six ideas that will help you choose the right gift for that football fan you are planning to surprise on his birthday or on your anniversary.

1. Tickets to the next big game

Of course, the best thing that you can gift a football fan is the tickets to the next game he is waiting to watch. You can surprise him by getting the tickets early and gifting it to him on his birthday, or as a token of appreciation for his achievements in college or at work. He will be overjoyed at the opportunity to get to watch his favorite team in action.

2. The jersey of his favorite team

One of the most popular gifts for a football fan is the jersey of his favorite team. Get a custom made team jersey by printing his name and lucky number on the back. Or, you can also get him a similar jersey to the one that his favorite player wears, with the name of the player on it. Either way, he will be really happy to watch the game wearing that tee-shirt.

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Attention Athletes: Tips And Tricks To Take Your Game To The Next Level

Posted on November 11, 2019 by Daniel Bailey

Elite athletes are extremely detail-oriented which allows them to improve at much faster rates than their peers. While talent does play a role in this, the consistent work ethic of athletes also needs to be noted. Working hard is not always enough as working intelligently is just as if not more important. Far too many athletes complete workouts due to them being “hard” even though they have no practical application to their sport. This can help an athlete mentally as they got through a tough workout so these workouts are not valueless. The following are tips that can help an athlete push their game further than their peers have imagined about going.

Utilize Video Feedback

The luxury of having great feedback through video is one that this generation of athletes can take advantage of. Being able to play this back to correct form while lifting weights or showing an athlete what happens when they drop their hips or do not bend their knees during gameplay. Most friendly people at the gym are going to be willing to tape you once or twice. Some tools can help you prop up your phone making it easy to record themselves. Getting feedback is as easy as posting the video on social media with certain hashtags. Social media sports “experts” do not always have great advice so it will be something an athlete has to sift through to find the valuable feedback.

Use Kickboxing Or MMA For Conditioning

There is a vast number of athletes that use kickboxing or MMA as a form of conditioning. The need for flexibility can make it perfect for athletes of any sport with various NFL stars utilizing a form of martial arts as an offseason training tactic. Elite MMA that offers Houston Jiu Jitsu classes notes martial arts can help a person “Learn to use body mechanics such as footwork, core mobility, and blazing hand speed in a safe and fun-filled environment.” Grip strength is immensely important in many sports which can be trained through wrestling and ground work done at MMA classes. If you are an athlete and have not considered adding martial arts for mental/physical training it is time to go check a class/gym out.

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15 Ways To Get Reluctant Kids Into Sports

Posted on November 10, 2019 by John Harris

If you have a child who is reluctant to participate in sports, there are a few ways you can help gently nudge them. Wanting your child to participate in something like this is great – it’ll keep them active, so their minds and bodies stay healthy. You’ll give them a hobby to focus on, teach them a skill, and the things they learn will likely help them in their everyday lives too, even if they don’t realize it. However, you can’t really explain all that to a child who really doesn’t seem interested. Below, you’ll find 15 ways you can get your reluctant child into sports – take a look: 

  1. Consider Your Child’s Skills And Interests

Start by considering your child’s skills and interests. The whole point of this is not to live vicariously through your child and have them become the football star that you always wanted to be but never were. The point is to give your child a hobby that they actually enjoy which will help to keep them fit. They might want to dance, or play a completely different sport. Try not to push them into doing something based on their gender. Boys can dance and girls can play football. Let them do what they naturally have an interest in or feel drawn to. 

2. Think Of The Time Commitment

Although you want this to be something your child sticks to, you also need to consider the time commitment they will be making. Playing a sport once a week should be ok for most kids, but pushing them to practice for hours on end will likely do more harm than good. If you do manage do get them liking a sport, then you need to both be prepared for the time you will need to give up to dedicate to it. 

3. Play Sports With Your Child

Playing sports with your child can be a lot of fun, and your child will develop a love of being active. Play games with them in the garden, set up obstacle races, and do all you can to get them used to feeling active. You can introduce them to a sport when you feel the time is right, but make sure it stays fun. 

4. Be A Role Model For Them

If you’re sitting around most days watching TV, they are going to follow in your footsteps. It doesn’t matter what you tell them, it matters what you show them. You need to be a role model for them and show them how a healthy, happy person lives. Play sports yourself. Head to the gym. Join a class or a club. It’ll make a huge difference to how they view sports and staying active. 

5. See If You Can Start A Discussion With Them

If your child is old enough, you may want to see if you can start a discussion with them to see why they are reluctant. They may be able to tell you that they are scared they will be bad at it, that they have no confidence, or that they are worried you will shout at them. Whatever it is, take them seriously and don’t invalidate their fears. You need to let them know you hear them while also helping to ease their worries about giving this a go. 

6. Watch Sports On TV

Don’t underestimate the joy of watching sports on TV with your child. If you watch it and do your best to get them involved and make it something that they want to watch, before long you might find yourself explaining the English Football Leagues to them, or explaining the mechanics of baseball. This can be a great experience for you both. 

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How to Get Involved in Motorsports

Posted on November 05, 2019 by Scott Huntington

Racing and car culture enjoy a thriving community that includes social events, amateur get-togethers and professional competitions. Like many hobbies, it can be daunting when you consider the level of effort and the costs involved in dipping your foot into the world of motorsports. We’re here to tell you there’s no reason to be intimidated.

Motorsports fans love the company. Sure, the automotive community can be competitive on race day, but in general, we all want to see fellow gearheads succeed and become better drivers. If you’re interested in becoming a competitive driver, here are a few ways to get started.

Check Out Cars and Coffee

It might not involve a checkered flag, but your local cars and coffee gathering is a great way to make connections in the community. Arriving at the track with no associations is a fear many new racers have. If you can make a friend and pick up on where the local autocross or after-work drag races are held, you’ll not only know how to go racing, but you’ll also have a buddy to go with.

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4 Sports That Cause the Most Feet Injuries

Posted on November 02, 2019 by Brooke Chaplan

Feet injuries can be a real problem for athletes. Losing the ability to properly support your weight and move around can be both physically and mentally frustrating. Each specific sport comes along with its own potential risks for various foot-related injuries. Here are 4 sports that cause the most feet injuries.


Football is a very physically demanding sport for all those involved. Whether you’re playing on the front line or are out receiving, this sport requires you to be on your toes. Some of the most common foot injuries in this sport include lateral ankle sprains, deltoid complex avulsion, Achilles ruptures, jones fractures, syndesmotic diruption, turf toe, and lisfranc injuries. Stretching beforehand and avoiding overuse are your best measures of precaution when dealing with injuries to the feet.

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45 Years Ago: The Rumble in the Jungle

Posted on October 30, 2019 by Dean Hybl

While the greatest victory of Muhammad Ali’s career was perhaps over the U.S. Government, it could certainly be argued that he had no greater win in the boxing ring than his victory over George Foreman in the Rumble in the Jungle 45 years ago on October 30, 1974.

Though the 32-year old Ali had been a great champion, he had lost more than three years at the peak of his career due to his battle with the U.S. Government and in the three years since his return to the ring had never quite reached the level of greatest displayed earlier in his career.

He had posted a 15-2 record since returning to the ring and avenged both defeats, but the undefeated 25-year old Foreman was 40-0 in his career and wasn’t just winning fights, he was demolishing opponents.

Ali’s two defeats had been to Joe Frazier and Ken Norton. Foreman’s fights with both Frazier and Norton ended in the second round. He knocked Frazier down six times before their fight was finally stopped. Norton, who had famously broken Ali’s jaw in their first fight, was knocked out by Foreman in the second round.

There are many things about the Rumble in the Jungle that are now famously part of boxing lore.

One thing that made the fight notable was that it was being fought in Zaire, Africa. Ali had fought oversees several times previously, but never in Africa.

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