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Online Gambling as a Great Sponsorship Opportunity

Posted on March 24, 2017 by Rik Snuiverink

Make no mistake about it … online gambling and bingo have become huge business. Billions of dollars in revenue is now being generated online, and it’s not just with basic apps that rely on advertising; it’s in direct wagers and betting from players. There’s a massive market for companies and merchants to tap into, as long as you hit the right market.


Knowing the Market

Anyone worth their weight understands how important it is to know the market. A football league isn’t going to be targeting a general audience who has no interest in this or other sports.

The online gambling world is massive and it draws in a wide range of people from all walks of life and from around the world and that can make it seem as though marketing to such a wide audience would be difficult, but think about this: they love games, they love competition, and they’re a captive audience. What’s not to love about that?

Sponsorship Deals

When you have a sports league, like football (soccer to those fans across the pond), you drive business by sponsorship deals. When you have the name of your league, team, or even a favorite player front and centre, it gets people thinking about that sporting event.

Nothing really goes together better than sports and online gaming and bingo. That’s because many of the people who love these online games also have a thrill for either watching and cheering on a favorite team or placing some well thought out wagers on an upcoming game.

Sky Bingo is one of those online gaming sites that draws in thousands of fans every day. These men and women are riveted to their computer screen, tablet, or even their smartphones while engaged in some heated bingo. They wait almost impatiently for the next number to be called, checking their cards, and waiting for that precious word ‘bingo’ to be highlighted on the screen.

But a person isn’t going to just be staring at the numbers … they’re going to be looking around that screen and that’s where these sponsorship/advertising opportunities are so powerful.

A great source of revenue.

A key to success in business is knowing your target market (your main audience) and also understanding where to find them. Sports fans are everywhere and they travel well. But, with the advent of online gaming and more and more people taking to these simple games (with real money or virtual funds), there’s a growing audience that’s not only into football and gambling, but who can be a relatively captive audience while they’re invested in their current game.

Like most things in this world, if you want to take advantage of a great market and a boost for your business, you have to make the right investment and when you’re talking about football (soccer) and online gaming (bingo, etc.), it’s like the perfect marriage of opportunity and responsiveness.

Before other sports, teams, or businesses take full advantage of this budding opportunity, it’s a good idea to get invested in it for yourself.

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