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Savvy Sports: 4 Tips For Being The Most Prepared Player

Posted on May 06, 2017 by Kara Masterson

Savvy SportsAthletes that play any sports know that their natural talent alone will not get the job done on the field. Half of the battle comes from the process of preparation before a game begins. Like Benjamin Franklin once said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” In the following piece, you will learn the best tips necessary for having an advantage in preparation over the competition.


In life as in sports, it is important for one to see the bottom line in their mind’s eye before the action manifests itself during in-game action. One must always begin with the end in mind. It is essential that an athlete engage in a great deal of mental imagery. These mental images must have specificity and be of great detail. For example, a basketball player can sit in the stands overlooking the basketball court before everyone else and go every game situation in his head before the game begins. This is especially helpful when it comes to a player going over critical late-game situations.

They Master Motivation

During a long season, athletes must do whatever it takes to keep themselves motivated throughout the season. A motivated player will have the energy to push through the internal and external pain. They are able to navigate through the difficult day-to-day circumstances and keep themselves in an enhanced state of preparation and readiness. A motivated player exudes self-confidence. Players can develop their self-confidence by engaging in positive self-talk. If effectively done, positive self-talk can regulate an athlete’s mindset to the point that they are ready to conquer the world by the time the game starts.

Regulate your Thoughts

In order to be prepared to be the best player on the field, you must approach the game with a mindset that you are the best. After all, you are what you think you are. This step will help the athlete to have the right attitude for success. For example, a star basketball player can watch Youtube videos of his idol Lebron James. This could potentially place him in the mindset of being an unstoppable force on the court.


It goes without saying that an athlete cannot perform the task at an effective level if he or she does not have the appropriate equipment necessary for success. For athletes, this could range from team uniforms all the way down to dress compression stocks from places like SmoothToe. Having the best possible equipment can really help you have the best success on the field.

In order to get ahead of your competition you have to be sure that you are as prepared as possible. Make sure that you are taking the time to prep yourself not only physically, but mentally as well. It really is amazing how much of a difference a little preparation can make.

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