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How Golf Can Help Change Your Lifestyle For The Better

Posted on May 26, 2017 by John Harris

Most of us are constantly looking for ways to improve our lifestyles. It can be very easy to develop poor lifestyle habits, such as drinking too much or eating too much fast food. Due to the addictive nature of such habits, we tend to persist with them for some time, with more beneficial habits taking longer to form and to commit to. There does, however, come a time where most of us are keen to shun such habits and embrace a more positive lifestyle. You may not immediately think it, but one way to seriously upgrade your lifestyle is by taking up a sport such as golf. Here are few reasons why.



It’s pretty well-accepted that golf is a game of skill, rather than of brawn. The game can teach you some important things, such as how precision can be imperative in succeeding at the game, and why taking things slowly could benefit you. When you play a sport like this, you will notice that you start bringing these aspects into your daily life, which can result in you leading a much more focused existence. With all the many distractions that we face on a daily basis, and procrastination being a real issue for so many people, the kind of discipline golf can teach you can be a huge benefit in all aspects of your life.


Thanks to its steady nature, golf is one of the more social sports around today. You can easily treat a game as a social event just as much as you would go the pub for a round of drinks – except, of course, the game of golf is much better for your health! If you, like so many other people, struggle to find the time to meet up with your friends to catch up, a weekly round of golf can be a great way to rebuild those relationships.


Sure, so golf might not be the most demanding sport on the planet. But if you’re looking to get fit, it certainly shouldn’t be discounted. It is estimated that during an average game of golf, a player will walk around 5 miles. So, it’s a perfect way to get your much-needed dose of cardio. Make sure you come equipped with everything you need to make that lengthy trek workable for you – whether it’s a lightweight golf trolley from somewhere like, or a pair of comfortable golfing shoes.


Spending time outdoors

Most of us know how important it is to spend time out of the usual four walls – but the truth is, many people often go for days without leaving the house or the office. If you feel you don’t get enough fresh air, golf can be an excellent way to spend a bit more time in nature. Time spent outdoors is proven to have a positive effect on both our physical and mental health so that weekly round of golf could hold more benefits than you might think.

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