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Safe Student Sports: 4 Ways School Administrators Can Better Protect Their Athletes

Posted on July 20, 2017 by Kara Masterson

Safe Student Sports, 4 Ways School Administrators Can Better Protect Their AthletesSports can be an effective way for a child to learn how to function as part of a team while having fun and staying in shape. However, sports can pose several dangers to children that school administrators should be aware of. While it is impossible to ensure that no child will ever get hurt playing for a school team, there are many steps that can be taken to reduce the likelihood of that happening.

Teach Proper Form

An athlete should be taught to never use his or her head as a means of making contact with a ball or to make contact with an opponent. Furthermore, players should be banned from striking another player in the head for any reason. Before games, players should be required to stretch and otherwise get their muscles ready for several minutes or hours of physical activity. Doing so may reduce strains or sprains.

Protect Players from Threats Made by Adults

While there is little on the line except pride in a middle or high school sporting event, parents or other fans may take the games quite seriously. This could lead to threats of physical violence being made at players. School officials should eject any parent or fan who makes a verbal or physical threat to a player. Officials should also be on the lookout for any threats after a game takes place.

Modify the Rules of the Game

The body of a teenager is not nearly as developed as the body of an adult. Therefore, it may be a good idea to modify the rules of games to limit hitting or make them wear extra safety equipment to reduce the risk of injury. The length of games may also be reduced to ensure that players don’t overexert themselves.

Check Field Conditions Before Each Event

If the playing surface is too slippery, uneven or otherwise hazardous to the health of the players, a game should cancelled or postponed. If a game is scheduled against a team from an area of town known for violence or other issues, school officials should insist that it take place at a neutral field or on its home field instead.

There are many ways in which a school can protect its athletes from harm. By making sure that coaches teach proper form, that the field is safe and that the rules of the game are appropriate for younger players, everyone can have fun and get some exercise without risking their physical health. It’s also a good idea to always hire someone with a masters’s degree in athletic administration to work with your students.

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