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Why You Should Go to a Ninja Warrior Training Facility

Posted on August 18, 2017 by Martin Banks

Gyms are modeling newly offered workouts after the popular TV show “American Ninja Warrior.” The show features contestants giving their best across a variety of obstacles, such as warped walls, spider walk, rolling log and cannonball alley. The test of fitness is fun to watch, though now you have the ability to step beyond the role of a spectator.

In addition to the fun of competing in impressive obstacles, “American Ninja Warrior”-inspired training has a variety of fitness benefits. Plus, the practice can inspire and get you prepared for auditioning on the actual TV show.


Improved Coordination

When at the gym, many tend to emphasize cardio and weightlifting, while neglecting aspects of coordination. The majority of “American Ninja Warrior” obstacles require considerable coordination. Repeated attempts and practice with these obstacles can improve your coordination significantly, likely more so than any other training equipment in the gym.

Many of the “American Ninja Warrior” obstacles require your full body at work, as well. Whereas more conventional exercise tends to hone in on one muscle group, “American Ninja Warrior” is a full-body workout that can improve strength and coordination in areas you wouldn’t have otherwise considered.

Increased Agility

Watch a football or soccer game. You’ll witness athletes who are incredibly agile, with the ability to make quick movements and reactions that involve zig-zagging and prompt directional shifts. These maneuvers require the practice that “American Ninja Warrior” training can accommodate. Whether it’s the quick-impulse necessity of prevailing over cannonball alley and rolling log or the ability to quickly maneuver warped walls, dedicated “American Ninja Warrior” training will improve your agility and quick movements.


Greater Focus

One can be in incredible shape yet still lack focus, since some physically beneficial workouts can become like second nature after repeated attempts. The beauty of “American Ninja Warrior” training is its versatility. Obstacle courses can undergo subtle changes in composition or speed to keep pace with your development, resulting in greater focus compared to conventional workouts, since you will constantly be adapting to more challenging obstacles and times to beat.

“American Ninja Warrior” training constantly provides room to grow and improve your fitness habits.

Fun and Community Interaction

Beyond the ample fitness benefits, “American Ninja Warrior” training is a great way to compete with others and make new friends. Those in training can bond over the obstacles’ challenges and strategies while trying to beat each other’s times. The interaction makes for fun, productive competition that advocates for mutual growth. Plus, many gyms with “American Ninja Warrior” sessions offer it on an hourly and session basis, so there’s no lofty commitment.

Show Preparation

Although competing on “American Ninja Warrior” may seem crazy, gradual improvement and commitment toward training can put you in the position to one day legitimately compete. Applying for “American Ninja Warrior” does not have many requirements. You must be a legal United States resident, at least 21 years old, in good health and able to participate on the dates provided. Essentially, competing comes down to you being able to compete, which strenuous training can accomplish.

An “American Ninja Warrior” training facility can improve your coordination, agility and focus, while also providing a great way to meet like-minded competitors and readying you for competition in the actual show if you decide to apply.

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