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Tips for Organizing a Safe and Comfortable Sporting Event

Posted on March 08, 2018 by Dixie Somers

Tips for Organizing a Safe and Comfortable Sporting EventSporting events are always quite popular no matter what age you are. Many communities offer these events for youth leagues, alumni events at schools or fun games as part of community days. However, without the right planning, a sporting event can quickly get off on the wrong foot and end up as a disaster. Whether you are organizing a Little League game or a charity sporting event for your community, use these tips to ensure that all aspects of the event are successful and that all of those present enjoy this time.

Choose a Venue

First, you must consider where you want to hold your event. To determine this, you will need to think about what time of year it is, what the weather will be like, how many people will need to be seated at the event and what age groups are going to be represented. You should also choose a venue with appropriate bathroom facilities and possibly locker rooms or dressing areas depending on the event to be held there.

Add Concessions

Concessions can make a good event great and are particularly important for larger and lengthier events. Consider seeing if local restaurants or ice cream stores in your area are willing to bring a truck to sell concessions at the venue. If you are hosting your event in an indoor facility, it may be easier to get concession stands incorporated.

Consider Security and Safety

For any medium to large-sized event, you will need to consider security. Even smaller events or youth events should have policies for what will happen if a patron or athlete becomes unruly. For larger events, you may need to consider hiring security from a company like Security Services Northwest, Inc. Of course, you will also need to be prepared for possible safety issues by having a first aid kit handy and a plan in place for contacting family members should an athlete be hurt.

Find a Sponsor

It will be much easier to get your event off the ground if you have advertising and one or more local businesses supporting it. While marketing can be done by local families who are supporting the game, you will want to consider a marketing agency for large or continuing events. Ask local businesses whether they would like to support your event financially, which is great for community outreach and even for improving sales at that business.

Sporting events give you and the rest of your community a chance to get to know each other, participate in some fun competition and enjoy a social outing. To create a fabulous, memorable event, you must take into account all aspects of it, from seating and concessions to security and marketing. Of course, your exact plans will depend on the size and the scope of the event, but these tips can give you a great place to start.

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