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What are concussions and how should you handle them?

Posted on March 10, 2018 by Martin William

Concussion-NewsletterA concussion is a term that you have probably heard in the past. At first it does not seem like something too serious, but a concussion is still a type of brain injury. However, if the damage is not too big, the brain is able to recover itself.

Since many people are not properly informed about concussions, this article will try to provide the basic information about them. After all, concussions are not something that should be ignored, and we should know how to deal with them.

What should you know about concussions?

A concussion is a TBI (traumatic brain injury), which is an injury that happens when an external force harms the brain. However, concussions are not that severe, the brain is usually able to repair itself. Usually concussions happen after a hit to the head, but a sudden movement that makes the brain hit the skull can also cause a concussion.

That is the reasons why concussions happen more often in sports. There is a bigger risk factor there, and not even helmets can protect you from concussions. In fact, helmets are there to make sure that you don’t crack your head.

It is important to be informed about concussions so you will know what to do if you have to handle one. However, the Internet has plenty of information about concussions and traumatic brain injuries, so that should not represent a problem.


As we mentioned before, our bodies are able to recover, even after a concussion. However, in the case of a concussion it is obligatory that you take care of you. Rest is the first thing on the list. If someone has suffered a concussion, then resting is one of the first thing he or she must do.

Your brain will try to fix itself, and it will need time for that. That is why the recovery process must be protected, and the person that was hurt must avoid complex tasks and stress, and that includes school and work.

A healthy diet can also help with the recovery process. There are certain foods that can help with a concussion. For example, eating lean meat, vegetables, eggs, nuts and fish is something that is recommended.

If things don’t get better, a visit to the doctor is recommended. You must make sure that it is not something more serious. In some cases, you might even be prescribed some medication so that you won’t have to deal with pain.

Be patient

A concussion is something that will have an impact on your brain and you might find yourself unable to do certain tasks. However, you should not force yourself. It is normal that you won’t function properly right after a concussion, and it will take some time until things will return to normal.

You might also notice that you will deal with some emotional problems, including sadness and irritability. That is why you should try to remain positive and wait patiently until the recovery process is complete and you can go back to your normal life.

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