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How to choose the right competitive swimwear for women

Posted on April 27, 2019 by Christian Taylor

Unlike leisure swimming wear, selecting a swimwear for competitive swimming should be a carefully thought and analysed purchase. Having the right wear is a crucial factor in competitive swimming – where in the performance is measured to the nearest of 0.10 seconds. Top tier competitive swimmers are separated by 0.10 seconds, and if you are wearing the tech suit that fits into your physique perfectly, it helps you to reduce the drag of your body and boosts your speed and performance. High tech suits improved the efficiency of swimmers to such an extent that in 2009, FINA, the world body governing the sport, banned use of high tech swimsuit totally.

With these potential factors in mind, now let’s look at some of the key factors that should be considered while buying a swimsuit for women. Generally, we look at factors like comfort, fit, price, speed and design while purchasing leisure swim wears, but as a competitive swimmer, you should be looking at things by going into depth.

The Do’s

Take your measurements correctly

Ensuring the size of the swimwear is the biggest obstacle while buying woman’s swimwear. Take a detailed measurement of your body using a tape measure before you buy swimwear online. You have to do some mathematics and make the right choice of your bust, tummy and hips. Carefully check the size chart available on the store website and buy the appropriate one for your body type.

Buy swimwear with a supportive fit that covers your body appropriately

A swimsuit that overexposes your body will not be suitable for competitive swimming. Suits that are too fancy and features ornamental holes are a poor option for athletes. Also, choose swimwear that provides a supportive fit to your body.

Wear opaque suits

Some swimwear becomes translucent when wet causing embarrassment. To avoid this, you should purchase swimwear with darker colour fabrics not white or tan colours. Apart from colour, make sure the swimsuit you choose has single or double linings as they are considered more wearable in public. You can also add layers if you are not comfortable with see-through swimwear.

The Don’ts

Don’t wear swimwear with zippers

Swimwear with zippers is a wrong choice; it can hurt you and anyone who comes in contact with you. Although clothes with zippers are more comfortable to wear and take off, they are not suitable for the pool. They often cause wardrobe malfunction and can embarrass you.

Don’t wear swimwear with pockets

The swimsuit with pockets can cause unwanted drags as the pockets especially the slits pockets with no closure tend to blow out and fill with water. Swimwear without pockets is comfortable, and if you feel the need of pockets, you can add a cover-up that has one while you are off the water.

Don’t buy ill-fitted swimwear

There is a misconception that loose fitting swimwear cause modesty but loose suits are uncomfortable and unsupportive. Also, they wear out sooner. Many people tend to buy tight fitting swimwear so that they look slimmer, but those are also equally uncomfortable as the loose ones. Whether tight or loose, stay away from ill-fitted swimwear, buy the one that perfectly fits you.

Don’t wear vacation swimwear

Vacation swimwear is fancy and expensive; frequent exposure to the sun and chlorinated water can damage those very quickly. These kind of suits are best for pool parties and leisure activities at the beach. For competitive swimming, opt for women’s swimsuits like Wingskin Bullet, Shredskin PRO, they look classy and are comfortable.

These tips will help you choose the right swimwear for you that enhances your pool performance. Please let me know your dos and don’ts while buying swimwear in the comments below!

About the author

Christian Taylor, is a sports freak and because of his passion for sports, he also serves as a communication assistant at Engine Swim – leading performance and competitive swimwear manufacturer in Australia.

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