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How to Stay Fit Even During Vacations

Posted on July 24, 2019 by Roxanne Hoffman

When people go on vacations, they sometimes also take a break from their fitness routine. The issue with this, it could be difficult to slide back into the routine once the vacation is over. It would be like starting from scratch. It’s like you’re back to square one again.

It’s also quite understandable why people take a break from the routine during the trip. It could be impractical because of the equipment and the limited space. You may be using equipment that is impossible to bring along during your trip or not that easy to find in your destination. Your itinerary might also be jam-packed so it’s kind of tricky to squeeze in your exercise time.

However, if you want to stay fit during your trip – you could still do that. It certainly has its advantages. You’re not exactly back to zero on your fitness level when you get back from vacation. Also, exercise gives you more strength for the duration of the trip.

And as a bonus, it’s to balance out all the eating we did on vacation. The truth is, we do love to eat during travel – because why not? Part of the experience is enjoying also the food of the place. When you stay fit during the trip, you feel less guilty about over indulging.

So how does one remain fit during their vacation?

Plan beforehand. – This is a crucial step if you plan to stay active during your trip. While being spontaneous is also exciting, you must have an understanding of your destination.

If you’re going to check-in into a hotel, know beforehand if they have a gym. And if they do, try to squeeze in some gym time before you start your day. It doesn’t have to be a full-blast, elaborate routine. Do a short work-out just enough to break into a sweat.

If your hotel has a swimming pool, you could choose to do a few laps as well. It’s not only fun – this is also a way to exercise. Just check the facilities and amenities offered by the place you are staying at – usually they are free to use for guests.

Avail walking tours. – This is a great way to explore your destination and at the same time you get some exercise. Check out their local walking tours. You’re not just exercising, you also get to tour the place.

Walking is also a form of exercise. And what’s a fun and productive way to do it? Join a walking tour. Getting on your feet is also a way to stay active during your trip. So inquire about walking tours and join them!

Get some rest. – Don’t pressure yourself to work out the entire time during your vacation. You probably went to a trip to relax. Find time to exercise if you can but don’t forget to get some rest also.

Getting enough rest is also a way to stay fit. When you have enough sleep, you are more functional and less lethargic. It also means you have more energy to do a short work out or join a walking tour the following day.

There are many ways to keep fit during your trip. It doesn’t have to disturb your itinerary. You can still have fun and relax – and do a bit of exercise on the side. It doesn’t have to cost much either. Maximize your hotel’s facilities or join a walking tour. These are great ways to keep you active during your vacation.

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Roxanne Hoffman likes to write about health and is a frequent contributor at Onebed, manufacturer of mattress in a box. You can check out her other thoughts, articles at

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