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4 Tips For Returning To The Gym After Months Away

Posted on September 08, 2020 by John Harris

All over the world, people are slowly returning to fitness routines that took a back seat for many months. Gyms closed, meaning you no longer had the means to work out. Sure, you did some home workouts, but that can’t compare. If you go from squatting your body weight on a bar to squatting with no weights, there will be a huge difference. 

Similarly, the difference it going from bodyweight training back to a gym routine is significant. It’s tempting to jump back where you left off, but this isn’t advisable. Instead, here’s a quick plan to help you get back to the gym after months away:

Take it easy

In the first week or two back, be conservative. Take it easy and re-introduce yourself to the gym. Some of you haven’t lifted weights for months, so it’s absurd to assume you can pick off where you left things. Go too hard, too soon, and you’ll end up hurting yourself. While a personal injury law firm might grant compensation for some gym accidents, you’ll get nothing for your own negligence. Keep your body safe, avoid injuring yourself, and ease back into the swing of things. Start with light weights and gradually progress over the coming days. 

Focus on the compound movements

Generally, compound movements are the best way to re-introduce your body to the gym. This includes the bench press, squat, deadlift, and shoulder press. All of these movements will tone up your body and increase your strength. Plus, you’ve likely been unable to do them throughout the lockdown. So, this is a great way to retrain your brain and get it used to the demands of regular exercise. Strength gains from these movements will translate to other activities as well. 

Set realistic expectations

We all have certain goals that we hope to attain by working out. However, you must set realistic expectations after months away from the gym. Don’t expect to hop back in and set a PB within two weeks. It’s simply not going to happen, so don’t set the bar too high. Give yourself small, attainable goals to work towards. This ensures that you don’t lose motivation and also don’t try something stupid that results in an injury. 

Don’t forget about your recovery routine

Doing bodyweight workouts can be fun, but they’re rarely challenging for a seasoned gym veteran. As a result, you’ve probably had months of not dealing with DOMS at all. So, be sure to focus on your recovery routine as you go back to the gym. Refuel after working out, stretch your muscles, and get plenty of sleep. All of these things used to be second-nature to you, but you’ve not had to worry about them for some time. Focus on your recovery routine to avoid extreme muscle soreness as you return to a gym routine. 

Follow these tips to keep yourself healthy and safe while back in the gym. It’s going to be exciting, but you have to reel in your expectations and avoid doing too much, too soon. Think about the long term benefits rather than the short term ones!

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