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Safety Tips for Playing Ice Hockey to Avoid Injury

Posted on November 07, 2020 by Ravi Jain

If you are new to playing ice hockey, you need to know some safety measures to avoid injury. The first step to start is purchasing the right kind of gear that supports your game and secures you. 

Ice hockey gear for safety

Check out all that you need and how to use:


When talking about preventing injuries, the first thing you need is a good helmet. Make sure the helmet you buy is certified for security. The helmets must come with a full facemask and protective chin strap and cup. Also, tighten the product to make sure it is fastened properly.


Buy the perfect pair of skates from a hockey shop that fits into your size. Lace them tightly and check if they fit comfortably. Hockey skates must offer ankle support. The toe cup should be made of hard plastic or steel. If you already have old skates, sharpen them to perform better. Not following this step can make your skates get stuck in the ice.

Pads for shoulders, elbows, shin, and knee 

Your uniform for playing ice hockey must include padding for elbows, shin, knee, and shoulders. It is similar to playing soccer, as you need ample protection. The shin and knee pads should be made of rigid plastic and reach the top of your skate’s area.


Ice hockey gloves will not only help you have a good grip but also protect your wrist.

Neck protector 

While most people treat this as optional, but using neck support can protect you from a severe neck injury.


A mouthguard will keep your lips, cheek, tongue, and teeth protected. You can also prevent jaw injuries with these.

Arms and chest protector for goalie

Along with other safety pads, goalies need arm and chest support. A hockey puck can come flying and hit a goalie right in the chest and cause severe damage. Thus, along with other types of padding, this is a necessity for the goalies.

Catcher and blocker gloves  

Goalies need different gloves compared to what the players wear. They need to have blocker gloves that are thick and help them do their job. These also help them grip the stick well. The other glove is similar to that of baseball. It is a catcher and comes with thick padding to not let the puck hurt the hand when coming from a distance.

How to prevent injuries? 

Here are some tips to prevent injuries when playing ice hockey:

  • Warm-up by doing stretching before you start practicing or playing
  • Learn the techniques, including giving and receiving a check
  • Stop training if you have pain not to aggravate it
  • Drink ample water or fluids before a game or practice
  • Know about team plans in times of emergencies

When you are playing hockey, you need to know the safety rules to protect yourself. Always follow what the coach says to not only excel in the game but also stay safe. Respect referees and listen to their suggestions. Finally, make sure you are mentally calm to accept the challenges that come with the game.


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