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Fitness Model Poses to Try

Posted on November 24, 2020 by Justin Ronald

It’s never easy to find the best shot when photographing a fitness photoshoot.

Fitness images play a vital role in inspiring and motivating people to keep pushing their limits to get into their best shapes. In short, fitness photography boosts a healthy lifestyle.

But the art of posing is not an easy job!

In a few years, the fitness industry has become a lucrative business, and fitness models earn more than you may know. If you want to get into the industry, we can help you in shooting your first fitness photoshoot.

This brief guide will share some of the attractive, flawless, and inspiring fitness model poses that will always help you get a perfect click. Read more at

Fitness Model Poses to Conduct

Before you begin your shoot, make sure you know your best side and where you feel more comfortable. That will help depict your confidence and make your look natural in the picture.

Fitness poses drastically differ from regular model shoots for fashion and other purposes.

Fitness photoshoots mainly focus on the physique of the model to promote physical health.

Make sure your photographer masterfully highlights your biceps and abs.

Pose 1: Power Pose

To try this most commonly known pose, power pose, cross your arms to imply strength. Ask your photographer to take the photo from a lower angle as it would make you appear more prominent.

Pose 2: Mirror Picture

For this pose, stand straight in front of the mirror, maintain your arm/back spatial gap, flex your frontal quad, and click.

Pose 3: Bringing Biceps Forward

To try this pose, bring the right (or left) elbow forward towards the camera as it will make your biceps peak up, shoulder rounder, and flex the lats. It is an amazing pose to show off your biceps.

Pose 4: Workout Poses

What poses can be better than shooting your workout moves? Use different workout moves that you can comfortably pull off to take amazing fitness shoots.

Pose 5: Front Leg Shift

Taking your eyes off the camera, bring one leg and bend it a little in front of the other leg. Then maintain your arm/back spatial gap, flex your frontal quad, and click. Recall that flexing your front quad can keep your core tight and look amazing in the photo.

A Quick Tip

When doing fitness photoshoots, keep flexing your muscles to highlight their strength and size. For full-body shots, flex your legs and arms muscles and let the photographer guide you.



Although the internet can provide you with hundreds of great poses, the real magic happens when a professional fitness model photographer offers instructions.

Recall that they become professional after going through training and expertise to highlight the fitness models’ best sides.

To learn the best fitness poses, try to attend professional fitness shoots or hire a professional fitness photographer.

You never know you may discover several new fitness aspects while working with them.

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