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Why is Paddle Boarding So Popular?

Posted on June 21, 2021 by Sarah Lefort

It’s the trendy outdoor leisure activity! This sport appeared about fifty years ago in Hawaii and is experiencing a comeback. Its practice is now within everyone’s reach. Here are some tips to get you started and, why not, to buy a board. Before that, we will see together the benefits of the practice of paddle boarding.

The Stand Up Paddle Boarding is accessible

This sport is quite easy to get the hang of after an hour. You will have fun from the first second. Many models of Stand Up Paddle Boards exist: from beginners to advanced. You can consider an outing with your family, as a couple, with friends or solo.

Work on your upper body, lower body and balance

The greatest challenge is to stand on the board and not fall… You will work your balance but especially your postural muscles in depth: from the legs to the shoulders through the abdominal belt, the back, the lumbar, the pectoral, the arms… After a few hours of practice, you will develop your balance, the proprioception of the lower limbs, the muscles of your back and your shoulders. The paddling movement is particularly adapted to gently develop your body.

Explore hidden spots

The paddle board is adapted to all environments: river, sea and water. You will be able to explore and discover unexpected corners or places that would not be accessible by foot, boat or car. Moreover, you will be able to witness magnificent sunsets and discover the landscape from a fresh view.

A relaxing activity for the mind

In addition to the physical benefits that regular SUP practice can bring you, this sport also contributes greatly to the improvement of your psychological health. Breathing in the fresh air while practicing a sport allows you to take full advantage of the benefits of the sun and vitamin D. Concentrating on your paddling movements frees your head to focus on the present moment.

Enjoy the fresh air

Much more fun than walking and more exotic than indoor fitness, SUP has the added benefit of helping you recharge your batteries outdoors. The freshness of the air, the blue of the sea, the calm of the river are a breath of fresh air (pun intended) after all that time confined inside.

Criteria to choose your paddle board

It is essential to define the use you want to make of it. Indeed, the SUP board can be practiced in several ways: on the waves like the surfers, on a calm water for strolls or within the framework of races in sea. To begin, it is advisable to opt for either boards of the “walk and ride” type or for versatile models that allow you to have fun in the waves. In all cases, it is preferable to choose a longer, wider and more robust paddle board.

The average SUP board is 9′ to 12′ long and 28” to 32” wide. The longer a board is, the more it glides on the water. The shorter it is, the more maneuverable it is. The wider and more solid it is, the more stable it is. Don’t forget to take into account your body size, because the choice of a board differs if you weigh 60 or 90 kg. If you weigh more than 90 kg, do not choose a paddle board smaller than 11′. There are also inflatable paddle boards. These SUP boards are much easier to transport and store. Above all, they are less fragile and less heavy than rigid boards.

Now do you want to invest in a paddle board? For a multipurpose model allowing you to make your first paddling sessions, you should count between 450 and 1 000 €. You can order online on specialized websites, like

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