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5 Once In A Lifetime Sporting Experiences To Tick Off

Posted on June 01, 2017 by John Harris

5-Experiences-1Being a sports fan comes with passion, dedication, heartbreak, and ecstasy. It is a lifestyle littered with the unpredictable. But no matter who you support or what sport you play, there is one thing all sports fans can agree on; live events always offer up the best experiences you’ll ever be apart of. That’s why we have compiled a list of some absolutely must-have experiences every sports nut should soak up in person, with your own eyes; your heart beating so hard you can see it through your shirt.

5-Experiences-2The Kentucky Derby

Being in the infield at the Kentucky Derby is one of those rare experiences that you are likely to never forget, and yet may not remember either. The atmosphere, the booze, the suave suits and crazy hats and the big bucks get thrown down. It is electric. Yes, there is something nice and fancy about being in a suite, but nothing beats being in the middle of drunken horse-racing fans, cheering and jeering their horse with the dreams of leaving a little richer.

5-Experiences-3An AFL Match

It doesn’t matter what teams you watch do battle or what they are playing for, every sports fan needs to buy themselves some AFL tickets and experience life in an Aussie Rules crowd. If there is one thing the fans love it is banter. It is a mess of noise and laughs and celebrations, and everyone gets involved. We read one comment that put it perfectly, “if religion could excite even an ounce of the belief that still exists within a footy crowd, then the churches would be full again.”

5-Experiences-4The Victory Parade

It doesn’t matter who you support, what sport it is or what division they play in, if they win something then you need to get down to their victory parade and see it with your own eyes. Being on cloud nine with thousands of fans who share your love for your team is an experience like no other. Entire cities pull together and ditch work and take the day off school and just go wild. And rightly so, who knows when the next time you’ll have this chance will be.

5-Expriences-5The Pamplona Bull Run

This crazy event has been running for over 150 years now and it is the epitome of insane. But it is also one for any thrill-seeking sports lovers out there. What is it? Well, the aim is to run 903 yards through the quaint town of Pamplona in Spain with a herd of wild bulls chasing you. Yeah, even the most average of Joe’s would be able to channel Usain Bolt in that situation. The atmosphere is amazing, though. People help people, locals open their doors for people to duck inside, and celebrations after the run are like nothing else because what you just did was insane. You survived, that calls for a riotous celebration.

5-Experiences-6The Olympics Opening Ceremony

It only happens every four years and that makes it special. Not only that but every athlete on the planet wants the chance to get those rings tattooed on their bicep. It may be a sporting event in theory but it feels more like a festival when you are actually there. The music, the sounds, the atmosphere, and the electricity that runs through every person in the stadium. Being able to see any sport at the games is quite something, but being able to be at the opening ceremony is a dream come true.

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