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Taking a Time-Out: 4 Tips for Managing a Sports Injury

Posted on July 10, 2017 by Kara Masterson

injuryPlaying a sport can help you stay in shape, stay connected with friends and have fun at the same time. If you have been injured, you may be tempted to play through the pain or come back too soon. These are both bad ideas. What are some good ways to manage your sports injuries?

See Your Doctor

The first thing that you should do is see your doctor and get a proper diagnosis of your injury. After determining the extent of the damage done to your body, he or she can create a timeline to returning to play. If the injury is a minor one, you may just need to rest or limit the amount of time spent on the field for a few days. If the injury is a major one, it may require months of rehab or surgery to correct.

What If Surgery Is Needed?

Seeing an orthopedic surgeon like Western Orthopaedics or someone similar may be necessary if you have a torn tendon or have ripped a muscle from the bone. If you have suffered from chronic pain, getting surgery may help you live a better quality of life both on and off the field. Depending on your age and other health factors, you could recover in a matter of weeks. 

Stick to the Recovery Plan

While you may think that you can play through the pain, your body may not feel the same way. If you want to come back from an injury sooner than scheduled, talk to your doctor first. Unless you get clearance to return, don’t push yourself back from an injury. Doing so could cause additional damage that could end your playing days for good.

Be Cognizant of Your Body Going Forward

As you get older, the likelihood of feeling sore after playing a game is higher. It may also be easier to sprain or strain a muscle because your body may not be as flexible as it used to be. This means that you may need to stretch or ice your knees, back or neck after you play. Don’t be afraid to act as a designated hitter or another type of specialist to limit time spent on the field if you don’t feel good on game day.

If you love sports, it may be tough to sit on the sidelines while everyone else is playing. However, it could be what you need to overcome both minor and serious injuries alike. Paying attention to your body could the difference between getting back on the field and never being able to play again.

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