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5 Ways to Avoid Common Sports Injuries

Posted on October 17, 2017 by Dixie Somers

5 Ways to Avoid Common Sports InjuriesEngaging in sports provides the exercise the body needs, in an enjoyable manner that also fosters regular interaction with other people. These qualities explain why it is one of the most popular ways of staying fit and healthy. However, many sports include the risk of injury, usually from various sprains and strains that occur during play. You can prevent many of these injuries by taking proactive measures to protect your joints and muscles against overuse. Here are a few tips for staying injury-free and ready for play.

Do Warm-up Stretches

You can prevent common injuries, such as ankle sprains, back strains and groin pulls by doing a series of warm-up exercises that work your body sufficiently to improve blood flow that helps protect muscles. Stretches, jogging in place, knee bends and other gentle exercises help to prepare your body for a vigorous physical workout.

Provide Proper Support

If you have an ankle that tends to give out or a knee that sometimes fails, use an elastic brace or Rock tape to provide additional support. Proper bracing can help to avoid sprains and dislocations that can keep you out of the game for long periods of time. If you are engaged in a sport that poses a risk for tooth injuries, use a mouth guard to prevent damage to teeth that can result in the need for extensive dental work. A simple elbow to the mouth could result in something as serious as the need for a root canal.

Build Strength Gradually

Most athletes set performance goals to help them achieve their best play. You can avoid injuries in your achievement of these goals if you build up to higher levels of play on a gradual basis.

Stop When Muscles Show Fatigue

Playing through the pain is a standard exhortation among athletes, but this advice can lead to more serious injury that can take you out of the game for even longer periods. When your muscles become fatigued, they are less able to produce the protective chemicals that can prevent injury. Listen to your body, and rest when you are fatigued.

Practice Regularly

“Weekend warrior” syndrome occurs because people who are ordinarily sedentary in their habits during the week suddenly become much more active, putting strains on muscles and joints that aren’t prepared to handle the additional stress. If you are engaged in a sport periodically, ensure that you are putting in adequate practice time during the week to ensure your body is ready for the increased activity.

Sports activities often require muscles to go from zero to 60 in short periods of time and to move in ways that are sometimes unexpected. You can prevent common injuries by ensuring your body is ready to take on the extra effort at a moment’s notice. These tips will help you to do this more efficiently and with less risk of damage.

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